Orders, Parties, Enquiries?

Get in touch! Just dont get too handsy...


Here's my little spiel about how to order, let me know if you have ANY questions, the shadings can be found on the instagram highlights but any of the premade pot shades displayed on the site can be used as reference as well. 

Pottie pottie pot pots. 

Unless released in a special collection or at sold readymade at markets, all Dots Pot's are made to order. Do so via direct message to the @DOESMYNIPPLEOFFENDYOU Instagram page. If you don't have Instagram, just send an email! Commissioned pots are $50, with $5 being donated to local groups that support women in our community!

Pre Made Designs
You will notice all of our displayed pots are named after Diva’s & inspirational Queens that I admire. I love sharing the stories of women who have made impacts on this world, big or small, recognised or not. If you have any requests or ideas for me to work with I happy to do that as well.

If you have a squiz on our website or Instagram feed at what pots suit your taste, or feel most resemble your…. ‘taste*’ (*boobs), send me a quick description or even a screenshot (most helpful) & I can make it to that design! 

If the pot is a gift, I have been sent photos of friends (clothed & not clothed) to work from to match skin tone & notice any personal individualities like freckles & skin shades.

Commissioned Pots are often made up via self-portraits, so …. You can sketch up a rough idea of size, shapes & intricacies, give a detailed description OR send me a picture of the boobs you’d like made.
YES. I am suggesting you send a complete stranger a naked picture which, in other circumstances, I would 100% ADVISE AGAINST. I can assure you I get multiple every day, secure them in a private locked app & delete them off of all messages when your pot is made! No one will see your boobies but the Tit Queen herself, when she stares at them for an hour trying to get every inch of the sculpting as close as can be to your likeness. 

A strong & hard NO to any photograph commissions for anyone under the age of 21.

I know that seems a little strict, I would just never take the risk of allowing dissemination any photos that could have been taken whilst you were a minor. You of course can order a pot via any other design at any age, or even come down & make your own at a walk in workshop.

Shades & Colourings

We have a variety of colours & can be mixed to match any skin tone. We have lots of cool pinks & metallic finishes as well. If you have a specific nipple colour you would like please let me know when ordering! I love to add any special quirks like stretch marks & scars.

If you're unsure, head to our pages to get some reference & get back to me, or just have a big old chat if you’re unsure and I can make suggestions or go with my creative licence!