Our Staff

Adelaide's Royal Family (of Boobs)


Our projects name sake & my gorgeous Nana. You'll catch Dot @ every market we run, flinging tit pots around & flirting with your boyfriends.

Dot is the type of person that everyone falls in love with. Dont worry if she asks you a lot of questions, she just likes to know literally EVERYTHING about a person when she meets them.

She is the best human I know & I am so lucky to spend this time with her, supporting great causes & to have her supporting me! 


Maker & Creator of Dots Pots.


The (self-proclaimed) ADL Tit Queen wanted to raise money for women who needed it & had just taught herself how to make Tit Pots.

She had literally no idea how it would play out in lil old Adelaide (there being no other Booby Pot biz's around at this point) but had every faith there were a butt-load of women out there just like her who would just 'get it'. Safe to say she was not wrong. 

The Tit Queen now spends any of her free time with her people, running tit pottery workshops & spreading the messages of self confidence & sisterhood.


King Cappy. Boyfriend extraordinaire & the most patient man alive.

The Tit King keeps your Queen fed, acts as an unpaid lackey at markets & has even moulded a few Dots Pots in his time.

He lives a life amongst the tits without any complaints but with strong & loud support.

The Tit King is basically a living, breathing sports bra.


This entire project would not & could not run without the support of the Tit Queens Breasties. Biggest shout outs to;

Breastie Tamika; Owner of The Thrift Shop project, & fashion KWEEN. She has been there from day DOT - at nervous 1st Markets to running an entire event while the Tit Queen taught classes. Tamika is the go-to gal every ditzy mess like the Tit Queen needs, & proof that you can be a beautiful, blunt bitch & also have a huge heart.

Breastie Jorjie; Calmer of all nerves, #1 champion & the person who reminds the Tit Queen of her worth when even she forgets (because EVERY body has those days). Jorjie & her puppy Nala have spent many a nights over at the Tit Palace painting pots & eating pizza. If the Tit Queen needed a kidney, Jorjie would be in the car on the way to the hospital, somehow starting the procedure herself without even being asked.
Toni, Jess, Chiara, Rach who have all been there to support events that would have literally fallen apart without them! & Bec, for being an inspiration in a million ways & recipient of the 1st ever Dots Pot.

Orders, Parties, Enquiries?

Get in touch! Just dont get too handsy...