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Other than for all the Tit Pot perving & purchasing, this website has been created in order to expand on the already strong & growing Dots Pots Community.

Dots Pots has always been, first & foremost, about raising awareness & funds for groups in our city that support those in need, particularly women facing displacement because of, or who are still in danger of Domestic Violence.

A few months into running the @doesmynippleoffendyou instagram page, I realised that every time I'd preach about self acceptance & love, vulnerability was always at the core of my message.

There is strength in vulnerability. 

3 months into the Dots Pots project, I shared my story of rape with my small but growing group of followers. It wasn't until that day, that I felt in true ownership of my story. I received hundreds of messages of support, from both friends & strangers alike - all filled with empathy & love. 

Whilst there are things in life that we may never move past, & that we certainly wont forget, there are ways that parts of our trauma can heal. Sharing my experience & having many people share theirs in return has not only allowed me to heal, but has helped me grow far beyond any expectations. 

This forum has been created to be for the contribution & access of Dots Pots Members only. I wanted to create a safe space for you to share your thoughts, experience & advice. 

I hope to create a place together that can help each of you benefit from the sisterhood that has given so much purpose & strength to me.

With love from your Breastie, Tit Queen xoxo

welcome to the dots pots community forum! 

a members only space, to share ideas, thoughts, opinions & to learn from eachother. 
monitored for safety by the tit queen, a safe place to support & be supported by the sisterhood.

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