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Jessica Mason is a local woman who works within the legal sector of public service. As a result of severe personal trauma, as well as frequent exposure to the impacts of violence and domestic abuse, she wanted to find a way to reach out with messages of support for the local groups within Adelaide that support those experiencing displacement due to these all too common issues within society.

With the assistant of a psychologist and medical help, Jessica found a way to connect with her body again through self-taught art therapy, in particular, clay. Working with clay and pottery play can be instantly calming and reflective. As a feminist-in-training and a huge proponent of body positivity and expression, Jessica decided to create the project Dots Pots @doesmynippleoffendyou as a platform to discuss these issues, whilst also connecting locals to donate to services like Catherine House, Women’s Safety Services, Bfriend and many other local groups that work for those in need of support.

Dots Pots has run DIY pottery workshops across many public events like Gilles At the Grounds, Spin Off Festival, Laneway Festival and Porchland Festival. These workshops blossomed into a travelling party class, hosting hens shows, baby showers and birthday parties all across SA.

As a strong advocate for personal and self-care, Jessica works to try and spread the message of self-worth and expression through these Tit Pottery gatherings. Much more than a sit down how-to and a giggle with a group of friends, Jessica uses humour and vulnerability to distract the everyday person from the ‘I could never make something like that!’ and the ‘I’m not good enough’.

Where conversation can often be an incredibly important starting point for anyone who has or is currently suffering from abuse, Jessica often shares her story of sexual assault and recovery to connect women with the idea that there are always ways out of struggle and it is almost never alone. The pledge to donate $10 from every pot to these local groups is how as a group we can collectively say ‘we see the work you do and we deem it essential’, as those without networks of support truly deserve to have somewhere to turn in those dark times.

As a self-proclaimed ‘bumbling mess’, she understands the trepidation in trying something new but after assisting 100’s of people through her pottery classes, reassures you that anyone can find their inner craft Queen when it comes to working with pottery!  

Dot, Jessica’s 77-year-old Nana, the project’s namesake has come along to most public events held by the project since its conception in 2018. Dot’s flirty, excitable personality brings an inspirational amount of self-confidence to Dots Pots events.

The project has recently been put on hold due to a recent and impactful loss within the family. The landscape in which the project will continue is still uncertain. Events like this may be sporadic but will assist in continuing to raise these important topics within the Adelaide community.

Nipples are like assholes...

Every one has got them, but women are supposed to pretend that theirs don't exist. 

I ask whether or not my nipples offend you, not to hear your answer (sorry) but for you to ask yourself, if ‘yes’, why? Our society seems to instantly critique everyone & everything (women & their bodies in particular). Isn't it important to also recognise how we judge things & where the root of that perception starts? With nipples, it very clearly comes from a place of sexualising the female body in way that men’s bodies simply aren’t. Whilst there are many unfair standards that men are expected to live up to, women are habitually more objectified, & in turn more vulnerable to grossly degrading levels of abuse & violence. I mean, this isn’t new information, it’s some old school “Feminine Mystique” kind of material... but ironically remains true in this current age of expression & empowerment. I think the censorship of female nipples is pretty good starting point in understanding how in our communities, certain standards remain in a society that has systematically oppressed women & entire races of people (regardless of gender). The prejudice we maintain should be questioned & if I need to start with something as simple as a nipple to get your attention, I am more than happy to do so. Nipples. Cute little bumps, sitting on other big lumps of hot, fatty tissue. Sexy.

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Aboriginal Sobriety Group
Womens Safety Services
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